Poly Span Double Knit Scuba Suede Face Side with Brush Effect Wind Coat Jacket

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Item No. is GWK2339 poly span scuba suede

Poly span scuba is double weave knit,the fabrics is suitable for hoodie,jacket and coat. The fabrics is thick and can keep warm.I notice that this item becomes popular this year again.We can see many nice short jacket for women on hot sell.


  • Composition: 96%POLY 4%SP
  • Width: 57/58''
  • Weight: 280GSM
  • Item No: GWK2339
  • Remark: Scuba Suede
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    Introducing Scuba Suede: Enhancing Warmth and Comfort in Winter Clothing.Have you ever longed for a winter fabric that not only keeps you warm but also maintains the luxurious softness and comfort you desire? Look no further! We are thrilled to present Air Layer Suede, a revolutionary coating technology that combines the best of both worlds.

    Scuba suede is a coating technology that involves the application of an air layer to suede materials. The remarkable characteristic of this innovation lies in its ability to significantly enhance the warmth retention effect of clothing, while preserving the irresistible softness and comfort that suede is renowned for.

    At the heart of scuba suede lies a coating composed of countless tiny air cells, meticulously engineered to create a layer of air over the fabric. This ingenious design provides an additional insulation layer, effectively trapping warmth close to your body and shielding you from the chilling cold of winter. Gone are the days when you had to compromise on comfort in order to stay warm; scuba suede enables you to embrace both effortlessly.


    The appeal of this groundbreaking technology lies not only in its unparalleled warmth retention capabilities but also in its versatility. Widely used in outdoor sports equipment and winter clothing, scuba suede  offers a multitude of possibilities for the adventurous and the fashion-conscious alike. Imagine staying cozy and stylish on the slopes, ensconced in a ski suit manufactured with scuba suede. Picture yourself enjoying a serene walk in the snow, bundled up in a winter coat that not only keeps you snug but also exudes a timeless elegance.

     What sets scuba suede apart from traditional winter fabrics is its ability to effectively block the bitter winds and icy temperatures that can rob us of our precious warmth. The air layer coating acts as a barrier, preventing cold air from seeping through the fabric and penetrating your clothing. Say goodbye to shivers and discomfort, and embrace a winter filled with cozy warmth and unparalleled comfort.


    Furthermore, scuba suede offers a durability that is synonymous with quality. Our rigorous manufacturing processes ensure that every inch of fabric is imbued with strength and resilience, capable of withstanding the demands of outdoor activities and extreme weather conditions. Rest assured, scuba suede is here to accompany you on all your winter adventures, season after season.

    In conclusion, scuba suede presents a game-changing solution for winter clothing. By combining the warmth retention properties of an air layer coating with the luxurious softness and comfort of suede, this innovative technology caters to the needs and desires of every winter enthusiast. Embrace the warmth, embrace the comfort, and experience winter like never before with scuba suede.

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