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  • Will the polka dots return to the trend?

    Will the polka dots return to the trend? Get Started The 1980s saw polka dots being combined with skirts, showcasing various styles by retro girls and it have ...
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  • Do you really know about acetate fabrics?

    Do you really know about acetate fabrics? Acetate fiber, derived from acetic acid and cellulose through esterification, is a man-made fiber that closely mimics the luxurious qualities of silk. This advanced textile technology produces a fabric wit...
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  • New trend in China! The spring and summer of 2024.

    Looking forward to the spring and summer of 2024, China's textile industry will give priority to creative design and innovative research and development in fabric production. The focus will be on blending different textures to create versatile and stylish garments for th...
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  • Knowledge of 50 kinds of clothing fabrics (01-06)

    01 Linen: It is a plant fiber, known as a cool and noble fiber. It has good moisture absorption, fast moisture release, and is not easy to generate static electricity. The heat conduction is large, and it quickly dissipates heat. It cools when worn and does not fit snugl...
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  • How important the choice of fabric is to the clothes?

    How important the choice of fabric is to the clothes?

     How important the choice of fabric is to the clothes?   The hand feeling, comfort, plasticity, and functionality of the fabric determine the value of the garment. The same T-shirt is shaped with different fabrics, and the quality of the garment is often very different.   The same T-shirt differe...
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  • T-shirt Mystery Fabric Revealed

    T-shirt Mystery Fabric Revealed

       T-shirts are one of the popular clothes in People’s Daily life. T-shirts are a very common choice, whether it’s for the office, leisure activities or sports. T-shirt fabric types are also very diverse, different fabrics will give people different feel, comfort and breathability. Th...
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  • What is Lohas?

    What is Lohas?

    Lohas is a modified polyester fabric, is derived from the “color lohas” on the basis of a new variety, it has the black and white color characteristics of “color lohas”, making the finished fabric effect after dyeing more natural color, soft, not hard, creating a more nat...
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  • Coated fabric definition and classification.

    Coated fabric definition and classification.

    A type of cloth that has undergone a unique procedure called coated fabric. It is the use of solvent or water to dissolve the required coating glue particles (PU glue, A/C glue, PVC, PE glue) into a saliva-like, and then in a certain way (round net, scraper or roller) ev...
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  • What is fabric similar to Tencel?

    What is fabric similar to Tencel?

    What is fabric similar to Tencel? Imitation Tencel fabric is a type of material that resembles tencel in terms of appearance, handfeel, texture, performance, and even function. It is typically made of rayon or rayon blended with polyester and costs less than tencel but p...
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  • Benefits of linen

    Due to the good moisture absorption of linen, which can absorb water equal to 20 times its own weight, linen fabrics have anti-allergy, anti-static, anti-bacterial, and temperature regulation properties. Today's wrinkle-free, non-iron linen products and the emergence of ...
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  • Artificial fibers

    Process of preparation The two main sources of rayon are petroleum and biological sources. Regenerated fiber is rayon made from biological sources. The process of making mucilage begins with the extraction of pure alpha-cellulose (also known as pulp) from raw cellulose m...
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