Knowledge of 50 kinds of clothing fabrics (01-06)

01 Linen: It is a plant fiber, known as a cool and noble fiber. It has good moisture absorption, fast moisture release, and is not easy to generate static electricity. The heat conduction is large, and it quickly dissipates heat. It cools when worn and does not fit snugly after sweating. It is more resistant to water washing and has good heat resistance.

02 Mulberry silk : Natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, glossy, warm in winter and summer
cool feeling, unique "silky" phenomenon during friction, good extensibility, good heat resistance, not resistant to salt water corrosion, and should not be treated with chlorine bleach or detergent.

03 Viscose fiber : Processed from natural cellulose containing materials such as wood, cotton short paper, reed, etc., also known as artificial cotton, it has the basic properties of natural fibers, good dyeing performance, good fastness, soft and heavy fabric, good drape, good moisture absorption, and is not prone to static electricity, fuzzing, and pilling when worn.

04 Acetate fiber : Made from natural materials containing cellulose through chemical processing, it has a silk style and is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has good elasticity and elastic recovery properties, and is not suitable for washing, resulting in poor color fastness.

05 Polyester fiber : Belonging to polyester fiber, it has excellent elasticity and resilience. The fabric is straight, wrinkle free, has good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, and is durable and has excellent light resistance. However, it is prone to static electricity and poor dust and moisture absorption.
06 Nylon : It is a polyamide fiber,with good dyeing properties in synthetic red, lightweight wearing, good waterproof and windproof properties, and high wear resistance.The strength and elasticity are both very good.

Post time: Aug-16-2023