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1.Solid texture, smooth surface,good air permeability.

2.Stable size, small shrinkage,easy dyeing.

3.Gorgeous colors, environmentalprotection, safety, no fading, noirritation, comfortable feelingimpress you

4.ln dry and wet conditions, bothelasticity and wear resistanceare better.

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45%T 30%L 25%R



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Introducing our newest product, poly fabric , a high-quality innovative fabric with exceptional properties such as breathability, sweat absorption and eco-friendliness. By combining three premium materials, we've artfully blended them together for the perfect balance of softness and durability.


Our polyester fabrics are designed to be multi-functional to promote the body's natural functions. It has excellent breathability and sweat absorption, provides excellent temperature regulation and anti-allergic properties. In addition, it has antistatic and antibacterial properties that help maintain a healthy balance in the body.

In addition to being performance-oriented, our polyester fabrics are also environmentally friendly, making them ideal for the conscious consumer. It does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals that may cause skin irritation and other health complications. Simple yet modern, the natural, understated linen fabric is perfect for both casual and formal wear.

Additionally, our poly fabric is much more eco-friendly than the average synthetic fabric. It does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals that may cause skin irritations and other health complications. The natural and low-key linen fabric offers simplicity and modernity, making it a perfect choice for both casual and formal wear.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality fabric with excellent performance, environmental protection and versatility, our polyester fabric is the perfect choice for you. With its professional combination of premium materials and innovative features, it is sure to deliver exceptional comfort and style. So why wait? Invest in our polyester fabric and experience the difference!

We specialize in fabric for more than 15 years. If you want to learn more, welcome to contact us!

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