Coated fabric definition and classification.

A type of cloth that has undergone a unique procedure called coated fabric. It is the use of solvent or water to dissolve the required coating glue particles (PU glue, A/C glue, PVC, PE glue) into a saliva-like, and then in a certain way (round net, scraper or roller) evenly coated on the fabric (cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates), and then after the oven temperature fixation, so that the surface of the fabric to form a uniform layer of covering rubber, so as to achieve waterproof, windproof, vapor permeability, etc. The coating serves the following purposes. The following are the various coating finishing types used today.

1. PA coating Acryl coating, often known as AC rubber coating, is currently the most popular coating that can boost the feel, wind proofness, and drape.

2. PU finish
In other words, polyurethane coating gives coated cloth a rich, elastic feel and gives the surface a filmy feeling.

3. Coating that is down proof
This indicates that the down proof coating, if applied, can stop down from dripping, making it appropriate for use in the creation of down jacket fabric. Nonetheless, the PA coating that has water pressure requirements is now also referred to as down proof coating.

4.PA rubber coating with white. In other words, a layer of white acrylic resin is applied to the fabric's surface, increasing the covering rate while making the fabric opaque and enhancing the color.

5.PU rubber with white finish
This means that the same fundamental PA white glue plays the same role in the fabric surface coated with a layer of white polyurethane resin, but PU white glue coated with a richer feel, the fabric is more elastic, and superior fastness.

6. Coating with PA silver glue That is, a layer of silver gel is applied to the fabric's surface, giving it a blackout and anti-radiation function. Fabrics like this are typically used to make curtains, tents, and garments.

7.PU glue coating with silver
Similar in principle to PA silver rubber coating. However, PU silver coated fabric is more elastic and quick, making it a better choice than PA silver coated for tents and other materials that need to withstand strong water pressure.

8. Coating of pearlescence The fabric's surface can be given a pearlescent coating to give it a lustrous appearance with silver, white, and color. When it is turned into clothing, it looks quite lovely. Moreover, there are PU and PA pearlescent materials. PU pearlescent is more flat and shiny than PA pearlescent, has a greater film feeling, and has more "pearl skin film" beauty.

Post time: Apr-24-2023