How important the choice of fabric is to the clothes?

 How important the choice of fabric is to the clothes?

  The hand feeling, comfort, plasticity, and functionality of the fabric determine the value of the garment. The same T-shirt is shaped with different fabrics, and the quality of the garment is often very different.

  The same T-shirt different fabric design effect is different, for the clothing designer, the design is not only the appearance and style of clothing out of the heart, but also a kind of concept to convey, every detail of the design may affect the success or failure.Therefore, in the process of designing clothing, designers also need to take into account the artistic expression of fabric texture in design. The truly successful clothing art is to deeply understand the inherent characteristics of the fabric, so that it is integrated into the design shape and color. To some extent, the designer’s understanding of the fabric and the ability to control it determines the success of his design.


  Designers should fully understand the characteristics of fabrics, in the selection and use of fabrics, should have a full understanding of its internal performance, appearance of the image, with the best design to fully reflect the characteristics of the fabric, and strive to perfect fabric and style design together. A good piece of clothing art, its fabric selection and design is crucial, successful fabric selection makes the design twice the result with half the effort, no matter how excellent the design concept, if there is no matching fabric to support the design performance, a successful work can not be formed.

Clothing is composed of three elements: style, color and material. Material is the most basic element. Clothing materials refer to all materials that constitute clothing, which can be divided into clothing fabrics and clothing accessories.


  Clothing fabric category:



  Refers to cotton yarn or cotton and cotton type chemical fiber blended yarn woven fabric. It has good air permeability, good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, and is a popular fabric with strong practicality. Can be divided into pure cotton products, cotton blended two categories.



   The pure linen fabric made of linen fiber and the fabric blended or interwoven with linen and other fibers are collectively referred to as linen fabric. Linen fabric has the common characteristics of hard and tough texture, rough and stiff, cool and comfortable, good moisture absorption, is an ideal summer clothing fabric, linen fabric can be divided into pure spinning and blended two categories.



 It is a high-grade variety in textiles. It mainly refers to the fabrics made of mulberry silk, tussah silk, rayon and synthetic fiber filament. It has the advantages of thin, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous and comfortable

  Wool fabric


  It is made of wool, rabbit fur, camel fur, wool-type chemical fiber as the main raw materials, generally based on wool, it is a high-grade clothing fabric throughout the year, with good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, crisp, wear and wear resistance, strong warmth, comfortable and beautiful, pure color and other advantages, welcomed by consumers.

  Chemical Fiber


  Chemical fiber fabric is favored by people for its fastness, good elasticity, crisp, wear-resistant and washable, and easy storage and collection. Pure chemical fiber fabric is made of pure chemical fiber textile fabric. Its properties are determined by the properties of its chemical fibers themselves. Chemical fiber can be processed into a certain length according to different needs, and woven into silk, cotton, linen, elastic wool-like, medium and long wool-like fabrics according to different processes.

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