What is Lohas?


Lohas is a modified polyester fabric, is derived from the “color lohas” on the basis of a new variety, it has the black and white color characteristics of “color lohas”, making the finished fabric effect after dyeing more natural color, soft, not hard, creating a more natural wool, imitation hemp effect.


Lohas: composed of semi-extinction, large light, cationic single or multiple strands or semi-extinction, large light, cation.
Features: White knot, deep knot and white knot after dyeing, pure background color.


The concept of Lohas chemical fiber filament is not only a textile raw material, but also a comprehensive concept of a series of market factors such as development, production, sales and fabric design.
Lohas is easy to match, so its scope is not only suitable for men’s suits and trousers, but also extends to women’s fabrics. This not only improves market competitiveness, but also meets the needs of multi-level consumers.

Post time: Jul-14-2023