Polyester span double layer barbie fabric 260-270GSM

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Item no.: HL20042 Barbie 

This is fabric is called Barbie,it is actually double layer weave woven fabric,we can do the weight from 170gsm to 280gsm,this is one of our strong items.It is used to make suits.Our price is very competitive,please contact us if you have any further question.

  • Item No: HLP20042
  • Weight: 260-270GSM
  • Width: 57/58''
  • Composition: 95%Poly 5%SP
  • Remark: Polyester double layer, 100*150
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                      Double-layer polyester four-way elastic fabric is a kind of fabric with excellent characteristics. It is woven from double-layer polyester fiber. The fabric has the following characteristics: The fabric is smooth and three-dimensional: the weaving process of the double-layer polyester four-way elastic fabric gives the fabric a smooth appearance and can present a three-dimensional effect, making the clothing more stylish. Comfortable feel and excellent elasticity: The fabric is woven with polyester fiber and has a soft and comfortable feel. At the same time, spandex fiber is mixed into the weft direction to increase the elasticity of the fabric, making the garment more comfortable and able to maintain the drape effect. 

                   Drape, anti-wrinkle, and dimensional stability: Polyester fiber has good drape and anti-wrinkle properties, which can maintain the straight effect of clothing, and has dimensional stability and is not easy to deform. Fashionable and simple style: The double-layer polyester four-way elastic fabric pursues a fashionable and simple style in design, and is suitable for making fashionable clothing such as suits and windbreakers. Therefore, double-layer polyester four-way elastic fabric is widely used in the field of fashion clothing due to its excellent characteristics, bringing people a fashionable and comfortable wearing experience.This item we sell to European and Asian market with big volumn.Our price is very competitive in Keqiao market.The weight can be from 170gsm to 280gsm match different customer's need.If you are interested in this fabric,please feel free to contact us.

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