Winter Item Poly Teddy Fleece

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Item No. is HLW70142 Teddy Fleece

The item look like teddy’s fur,so called teddy fleece.It is widely used for winter coat and toys.It also can keep people warm when in winter,so it will be in big demand for winter season development.Our price is very competitive,please feel free to contact us.

  • Composition: 100%T
  • Width: 65/66''
  • Weight: 280GSM
  • Item No: HLW70142
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    Teddy velvet is a soft, fuzzy fabric commonly used to make clothing, toys, and household items. It is characterized by comfortable hand feel, good warmth retention, and good thermal insulation performance. Teddy velvet fabric has a fine texture and high plush density, which can provide a warm and comfortable touch. This fabric is suitable for making autumn and winter clothing, such as jackets, trousers, dresses, etc. In addition, teddy velvet is also often used to make toys, cushions, blankets and other household items to increase the warmth and comfort of the home.

    Teddy velvet is used for the following reasons: Comfort: Teddy velvet fabric is soft and delicate, very comfortable to the touch, giving people a warm feeling. Whether you are wearing teddy velvet clothing or using teddy velvet household products, it can provide a comfortable experience. Warmth retention: Teddy velvet fabric has high plush density and can provide good thermal insulation effect. It provides extra protection to the body in cold weather, helping to maintain body temperature and prevent colds. Gorgeous feeling: The texture of teddy velvet fabric is unique, giving people a gorgeous feeling. It can add style and class to clothing and household items, making them more attractive. Durability: Teddy fleece fabrics are generally very durable and can withstand daily use and cleaning. This gives Teddy velvet products a long service life and can withstand the test of time.

    The advantages of teddy velvet include: Soft and waxy touch: Teddy velvet fabric feels soft due to its fine fibers, giving people an intimate and comfortable tactile experience. Warmth retention performance: Teddy velvet has good warmth retention properties and can effectively keep the body warm. Its plush is short and dense, which can effectively block the entry of cold air and provide better protection. 


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