Poly Span Mesh with Diamond Foil

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Item no is TJ10009 mesh with diamond foil.

The base fabric is mesh with big hole,but with this diamond foil,this combination becomes fantastic.Once we see this diamond foil,we will be shocked by this gorgeous item.I will image that a beautiful woman wears this mesh bronzing skirt, it will usually have a sparkling effect under the light. The mesh bronzing skirt makes the bronzing part more shiny and eye-catching through the reflection and refraction of light. This glittering effect can add visual appeal to clothing, making the wearer more eye-catching and eye-catching. Ofcourse this fabric also can be used in bags,other kinds of garment.Please feel free to ask me more details.I am always here for you.

  • Item No.: TJ10009
  • Composition: 96%Poly 4%Span
  • Cuttable width: 51"
  • Weight: 120gsm
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    Mesh diamond foil is a decorative technique often used to add sparkling effects and patterns. Its production process is to paste diamond-shaped decorations on the mesh, and then fix it on clothing or other textiles by hot-engraving to increase visual appeal. 


    This hot stamping technology can be used for clothing, accessories, household items, etc. Below 3 colors are from our shipping sample which shipped to south America.We use professional fold packing as buyer's requirement to make sure the foil effect fastness is good.


    We would like to intoduce the below colors from bulk order. The  first picture color is rainbow diamond with multi color.The middle picture is with black diamond foil.Third picture the white  color foil.                                                                            


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