Keqiao fabric—poly span DTY printed yummy fabric both side brush

Short Description:

Dty two side brushed is called Yummy in many markets and we call milk silk in Chinese domestic market as the handfeeling is very soft.

This fabric is widely used for pajamas,shorts,tops.casual wears.Our price is competitve in Keqiao market.Please feel free to contact us.

  • Composition: 95%T 5%SP
  • Width: 65/66''
  • Weight: 160GSM
  • Item No: HLK10151
  • Remark: Yummy two side brush
  • MCQ: 400-500KGS
  • LEAD TIME: 15-20DAYS
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    Yummy fabric is made by dty and spandex yarn with two side brush.The handfeeling becomes very well after brush.sometimes customers like one side brush and sometimes they would like two side brush.This fabrics is popular all over the world.We ship the America,South America,Asian and European market according to different requirments.Below pictures show the carton design prints on the yummy fabric,it is mainly for children's sleepwears.The soft handfeeling is just like the babies' skin.It is so cute.


    The yummy fabric also can have another prodution way is tie dyed.Now this fabric will be used for Women's garment mostly.These bright colors are so pretty.The big stretch of this fabric nature is nice to the chubby ladies,so this fabric is so popular.The price is not high but creat more values than itself.Yummy is really a very good item.

    Milk silk printing is a special printing process that uses milk silk fabric as the printing base material, and designs and patterns are printed on it through special printing technology. Milk silk is a natural fiber fabric made from milk fiber that is soft, breathable and comfortable. At the same time, milk silk fabric also has good hygroscopicity and antibacterial properties. Milk silk printing usually uses dye printing or paste printing technology. During the printing process, different colors and patterns can be selected for printing according to needs.Milk silk fabric has good printing performance。


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