Poly Span Knit Singje Jersey DTY Two Side Brush with Soft Handfeeling

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Item No. is HLK-10152 poly span dty 2 side brush

Poly span dty two side brush is also called yummy by many customers.Our DTY two side brush fabric is with good stretch and super soft handfeelings.You will think it is rayon fabric without checking the composition.

The weight is from 150gsm-250gsm.The MCQ is about 400-500 kgs per color.Lead time is about 15-20 days.This is fabric is widely used for coat,pajamas,household items,dress,tops etc.What is most important is our price is competitive.Welcome to send us message or call us.We are always here for you.

  • Composition:: 95%T 5%SP
  • Width: 61/62''
  • Weight: 160GSM
  • Item No:: HLK10152
  • Addition: DTY Two Side Brush
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    DTY two side brush is with good stretch and good hand feeling.

    This material has a soft and smooth texture, suitable for making clothing, household items and so on.

    Double-side brushing means that the fabric is brushed on both sides at the same time during processing. Brushing is a textile surface treatment process in which the fibers on the surface of the fabric are raised upright by a brush machine to create a fleecy touch. The ground fabric feels more soft and warm, and has better thermal insulation performance.


    Milk silk double-sided brush products can usually be used to make winter clothing, such as pajamas, coats, etc. This fabric not only maintains the air permeability and moisture absorption of the milk silk itself, but also increases the comfort and thermal insulation properties brought by grinding. 

    Even this fabrics looks not so thin but people can feel it is very warm when wearing it.This is the special  function for this fabric.


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